HC Power frequency multifunctional inverter

 product description:

HC series pure sine wave inverter, a multifunctional inverter integrating charger and automatic AC transferswitch, the highest conversion rate is 88%.Features: power factor correction, multi-stage charging only and pure sine wave output, and withunprecedented peak power to meetThe power demand of the inductive load does not endanger the equipment itself. For conventional machines, when the mains AC power is cut off (the fire exceeds theacceptable range),When the transfer relay is disconnected, the loadcan be automatically transferred to the output of the inverter. Once the AC powerreturns, the relay is connected. The load can be automatically re-driven by the mains AC

The power frequency inverter is Also known as a low-frequency inverter, it is a device that converts direct current into alternating current, and its working frequency is less than 60Hz, and can output low voltage, high current, high-quality AC power supply Its basic composition includes transistors, transformers, capacitors, protection circuits, etc.
low-frequency inverter The principle is to transform the direct current into low-frequency AC current first, and then convert the low-frequency AC current into the required high and low voltage AC current through the boost voltage reduction effect of the transformer.

Product features:

● Contains four functions of mains bypass, mains charging, inverter,UPS, fully automatic switching

● The efficiency is 3~5% higher than the ordinary power frequency series, and the self-consumption is reduced by 30~50%

● DIP switch selection: battery undervoltage point, input AC range, energysaving mode, priority mode

● Remote communication interface RJ11/RJ45/RS232/485 remote control panel (optional)

● Support PC software monitoring, support WIFI 4G module expansion to realize app cloud monitoring (optional)

● Pure sine wave output, input and output completely isolated design

● Contains AC four-stage charging mode, and the charging current is automatically adjusted

● It can be matched with commercial power, diesel engine power generationand other mixed power supply

● Can withstand 3 times the rated power start, excellent load capacity

● LED display working status, LCD remote display operating parameters

● Undervoltage/overvoltage/short circuit/overload/over temperature protection

● Pure sine wave series inverters are suitable for renewable energy systems, utilities, RVs,Marine and emergency applications.


HC Low frequency Hybrid Inverter

low-frequency inverter There are many advantages

1. High reliability: low-frequency inverter The use of high-quality transformers and capacitors, with a high power density and overload capacity, so its reliability is relatively high and durable.

2. High safety: low-frequency inverter uses low-frequency AC power, the wiring is relatively simple, and has little impact on the power grid, so its safety is relatively high.

The product is often used in off-grid solar energy, an independent power system that does not rely on a traditional power grid. It converts solar energy into electricity through solar panels with light and powers the load through a solar charge and discharge controller while charging the battery. Off-grid solar energy Power generation system is widely used, can be used to solve basic lighting, TV, radio recorder, and other living electricity problems in remote areas, can also be used in the home roof off-grid power generation system, to provide stable power supply for the family. Off-grid solar energy The system can operate independently, free from grid fluctuations and failures, and can guarantee the power supply even in the case of power failure, providing reliable power solutions for remote areas or places where there is no stable power supply.
Off-grid solar energy low-frequency inverter Is a very good choice of new energy options.

HC Low frequency Hybrid Inverter HC Low frequency Hybrid Inverter

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