HS-PV Low frequency solar inverter with charger control Integrated Machine

product description:

HS series products use high-efficiency, low-loss U-shaped transformers And complementary to the mains, support the generator start function, Can support voltage dual output, users can set the charging mode according to the use environment, product integratedmanagement, with high conversion rate,It has the advantages of low powerconsumption and strong load capacity. It is the highest-end product in the currentindustrial frequency inverter.

Low-frequency solar inverters are especially suitable for off-grid energy storage systems, which often require a more stable and reliable power supply. Low-frequency solar inverter the working principle usually involves several key steps: first, it detects the size and quality of the input current from the solar panel; then, the input DC voltage is adjusted through an internal control circuit to ensure that it is stable within the working range; and finally, the adjusted DC current is converted to an AC output. When selecting Low-frequency solar inverter, multiple factors need to be considered, including the efficiency of the inverter, output type, input voltage, etc.

Product features:

● Contains four functions of mains bypass, mains charging, inverter,UPS,  fully automatic switching

● The efficiency is 3~5% higher than the ordinary power frequency series, and the self-consumption is reduced by 30~50%

● DIP switch selection: battery undervoltage point, input AC range, energysaving mode, priority mode

● Remote communication interface RJ11/RJ45/RS232/485 remote control panel (optional)

● Support PC software monitoring, support WIFI 4G module expansion to realize app cloud monitoring (optional)

● Pure sine wave output, input and output completely isolated design

● Contains AC four-stage charging mode, and the charging current is automatically adjusted

● It can be matched with commercial power, diesel engine power generationand other mixed power supply

● Can withstand 3 times the rated power start, excellent load capacity

● LED display working status, LCD remote display operating parameters

● Undervoltage/overvoltage/short circuit/overload/over temperature protection

● Pure sine wave series inverters are suitable for renewable energy systems, utilities, RVs,Marine and emergency applications.


HS-PV Low frequency solar inverter with charger control Integrated Machine

Solar charge inverter Has the advantage of being highly efficient and reliable. The high efficiency is reflected in its ability to efficiently convert the direct current generated by solar panels into alternating current. it can also realize remote monitoring and alarm, to ensure the stable operation of the system.
solar charge inverter Is widely used, including but not limited to outdoor equipment power supply, household equipment power supply, farm, and pastoral irrigation, military and civilian living electricity in remote areas and transportation, etc. In the outdoor activities, the solar charge inverter
Portable design, small size, light quality, high performance, practical, durable, and strong. In terms of home equipment, the solar charge inverter can directly provide power for desk lamps, electric fans, computers, rice cookers, etc. In farms and pastures and remote areas, solar charge inverter areas without power grids or underdeveloped power provide power security. In the field of transportation, solar inverters can provide power for RVs, ships, and other transportation vehicles.


HS-PV Low frequency solar inverter with charger control Integrated Machine

HS-PV off-grid MPPT solar inverter has significant advantages over traditional solar inverters. First, it can improve the utilization rate of solar cells, allowing the system to collect more electricity under the same light conditions. Secondly, due to the ability to track the maximum power point in real-time, the off-grid MPPT solar inverter has higher charging efficiency and faster charging speed, thus shortening the charging time. In addition, off-grid MPPT solar inverter also has a variety of protection functions, such as overvoltage protection, Undervoltage protection, and overload protection, which can ensure the stable operation of the system and the safe use of the battery. Grid MPPT solar inverters are Widely used in various solar power generation systems.

HS-PV Low frequency solar inverter with charger control Integrated Machine HS-PV Low frequency solar inverter with charger control Integrated Machine

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