HV-PV Series-Solar Off-Grid Vertical Inverter

product description:

HET HV solar off-grid vertical inverter series products areBuilt-in solar MPPT/PWM controller (optional), and complementary with mains Inverter control all-in-one machine, users only need external solar modules and batteries,It can form an off-grid power generation system;The user can set the sleep mode according to the actual situation, The solar energy priority mode is a multi-functional and intelligent inverter control all-in-one machine.

Product features:

● Pure sine output is suitable for various loads. It can be used with mixed power supply such as mains/diesel generators Automatic switching of

● 5 functions: mains bypass, mains charging, solar charging, inverter, UPS

● Built-in MPPT/solar charge controller (controller power 40/60A/80A/120A optional)

● Contains relay switching and AC/DC circuit breaker, with multiple protections such as undervoltage/overvoltage/short circuit/overload/over temperature

● DIP switch selection: battery undervoltage point, input AC range, energy saving mode, output frequency, priority mode

● The efficiency is 3~5% higher than the ordinary power frequency series, and the self-consumption is reduced by 30%~50%

● Professional off-grid solar system solutions (optional)

● Remote Control RJ11 / RJ45 and RS232 / 485 Interface Remote Control Panel (optional), App Features Options

● Pure sine wave series inverters are suitable for renewable energy systems, solar photovoltaic systems, vehicles, ships,Marine and emergency applications.


HV-PV Series-Solar Off-Grid Vertical Inverter HV-PV Series-Solar Off-Grid Vertical Inverter HV-PV Series-Solar Off-Grid Vertical Inverter

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