HZ Factory Support Customized Solar Inverter Pure Sine Wave Off-Grid Rack Mounted Power

product description:

The industrial frequency rack-mounted inverter power supply combines the advantages and disadvantages of the current inverter power supply to upgrade and optimize,Comprehensive improvement, and the use of industrial frequency inverter circuit design, with high conversion efficiency,Features of high stability, ultra-low loss, ultra-strong load capacity, and ultra-strong anti-interference ability; it can be used for commercial,Provide reliable sine wave AC power supply for industrial, civil, and telecommunications equipment. Suitable for DC voltage of DC24V,DC48V applications are mainly used in air conditioners, TVs, cash registers, refrigerators, washing machines, computers,Various loads such as powertools, lighting, industrial equipment, and telecommunication equipment room equipment.

Product features:

● Pure sine wave output; does not harm electrical equipment, effectively protects the load; comes with UPS conversion function, high-speed conversion,The conversion time is less than 5ms; to ensure the uninterrupted power consumption;

● CPU management, intelligent control, modular composition, more convenient after-sales maintenance;

● LED+LCD display can display all operating parameters of the machine intuitively;

● High conversion efficiency, 90-95% conversion efficiency in a half-load environment; more than 99% in a mains environment;Low altitude consumption, in the energy-saving mode, the loss is between 1W~6W, high efficiency and energy saving;

● Increase city power auxiliary charging function; powerful charging function, three-stage intelligent charging, which can be of different typesRechargeable batteries, such as sealed lead-acid batteries, open-type lead-acid batteries, gel batteries, etc. 8 types of batteries.

● Intelligent temperature control fan, more energy saving, longer life;

● The load capacity and impact resistance of this series of products are super strong, such as driving any load such as water pumps, air conditioners, refrigerators, etc.;

● Adopting power frequency circuit design and using brand new top electronic materials, the system has good stability, low failure rate and long life.Generally, the normal service life can reach more than eight years;

● Perfect protection function: low voltage protection, high voltage protection, high temperature protection, short circuit protection, leakage protection,Over-current protection, overload protection, low-voltage recovery, intelligent temperature control fan, fault alarm, fault self-recovery and other comprehensive protection;

● Power frequency structure design, anti-harmonic interference, free from inductive load harmonic interference, safer and more stable;

● Frequency 50HZ/60HZ can be selected, AC priority/DC priority can be selected, fault information display, More comprehensive functions, more convenient to use; copper transformer, copper battery terminal post, high current terminal,All copper wire, high-density three-proof paint circuit board, double-ball DC silent fan, large LCD display, All use new top electronic accessories, high-end packaging, safe, efficient and high-end.


HZ Factory Support Customized Solar Inverter Pure Sine Wave Off-Grid Rack Mounted Power HZ Factory Support Customized Solar Inverter Pure Sine Wave Off-Grid Rack Mounted Power HZ Factory Support Customized Solar Inverter Pure Sine Wave Off-Grid Rack Mounted Power

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