Lithium battery

Product features:

● The capacity range is 10Ah~300Ah, etc.

● Communication design RS485, RS232, CANBUS, load scheme, etc. are available for selection.

● The voltage range can be customized, and 16 units can be connected to 160Kwh

● High-current charging and discharging to meet high-power requirements.

● High-current charging and discharging, the same size as lead-acid batteries, high-current charging and discharging, seamless replacement of lead-acid batteries

● Use high-safety power batteries, energy-saving equalization technology, and long-life battery design.

● Advanced battery management system protection function, advanced heat dissipation design.

● With high and low voltage ride-through, fast power response, full reactive power compensation, strong grid adaptability

● Long cycle life (10 times of lead-acid battery), high reliability, small size,Light weight, high energy density, green and environmentally friendly.

● Smart phone wireless Bluetooth connection, available Android / iOS applications,The program easily reads the battery status, SOC, and voltage.


Lithium battery Lithium battery Lithium battery

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Lithium battery
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