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HB-PV High Frequency Solar Inverter with MPPT Charger
Product features: ● Pure sine wave solar inverter ● Output power factor 1.0 ● Wifi&GPRS...
High frequency inverter

What is a high-frequency inverter?

The high-frequency inverter first inverts low-voltage direct current into high-frequency low-voltage alternating current through high-frequency DC/DC conversion technology; then, after being boosted by a high-frequency transformer, it is rectified by a high-frequency rectifier and filter circuit into electricity, usually above 300V. High-voltage direct current, and finally through the power frequency inverter circuit, 220V power frequency AC power is obtained for the load.
Since the high-frequency inverter uses high-frequency magnetic core materials that are small in size and light in weight, the power density of the circuit is greatly improved, As a result, the no-load loss of the inverter power supply is very small and the working efficiency is improved. The peak conversion efficiency of high-frequency inverters used in general small and medium-sized PVS can even reach more than 90%.

Understand the difference in working principles between high-frequency inverters and power-frequency inverters

The high-frequency inverter circuit is more complex. The high-frequency inverter usually consists of an IGBT high-frequency rectifier, a battery converter, an inverter, and a bypass. The IGBT can be turned on and off using control of the driver applied to the gate. The switching frequency of an IGBT rectifier is usually from a few kilohertz to tens of kilohertz, or even as high as hundreds of kilohertz, which is much higher than that of a power frequency inverter. Therefore it is called high frequency inverter. The power frequency inverter is designed based on traditional analog circuit principles and consists of a thyristor (SCR) rectifier, IGBT inverter, bypass, and power frequency boost isolation transformer. Because the working frequency of the rectifier and transformer is both power frequency 50Hz, it is called a power frequency inverter as the name suggests.

high-frequency inverters
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High frequency solar inverter
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Advantage for High frequency solar inverter

Huayite High-Frequency Solar Inverter: Compact and Efficient

Huayite High-frequency solar inverter pure sine wave output, small size, lightweight, easy to carry, high conversion efficiency, over temperature protection, high voltage protection, low voltage protection, overload protection, short circuit protection functions.

Stable Power Supply with Huayite Solar Inverters

Huayite High-frequency solar inverters are used in solar energy systems to convert direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) to provide a stable power supply for household appliances.

Huayite Solar Inverters: Off-Grid and Grid-Connected Options

Huayite High-frequency solar inverters are divided into off-grid solar inverters and grid-connected solar inverters. Grid-connected High-frequency solar inverters must be connected to the grid to work, while off-grid inverters can generate electricity independently anytime, anywhere, without connecting to the grid. If you choose Huayite High-frequency solar inverter, you can choose RS485 or APP (WIFI or 4G) remote real-time battery-free inverter data.

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