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Maintenance free lead acid battery
Maintenance free lead acid battery
Product features: ● Long life, extremely low self-discharge rate ● Sufficient capacity and...

What are Maintenance-free lead-acid batteries?

Maintenance-free lead-acid batteries Due to their structural advantages, maintenance-free lead-acid batteries consume very little electrolyte and do not need to replenish distilled water during their service life. It has the characteristics of vibration resistance, high-temperature resistance, small size, and low self-discharge. The service life is generally 2 times that of ordinary lead-acid batteries. There are also two types of maintenance-free lead-acid batteries on the market: the first type requires a one-time addition of electrolyte when purchased and does not need to add supplementary fluid during subsequent use; the other type is that the battery itself has electrolyte added and sealed when it leaves the factory. The user cannot add refills at all.

Maintenance-free lead-acid batteries

Advantages of deep cycle lead-acid batteries

Ordinary domestic batteries can only achieve a cycle life of 800-1200 times, while Huayite deep cycle lead-acid batteries can have a cycle life of 1500 times compared to imported batteries:

During the battery production process, Huayite deep cycle lead-acid batteries production equipment is fully automatic imported equipment, with automated production and no manual operation. The battery cells produced have good consistency, and the battery pack will not have shortcomings during use, ensuring the battery After many years of use, there is no problem of single battery cells falling behind. Huayite deep-cycle lead-acid batteries use the same imported raw materials as imported batteries. The materials are durable, the battery life is longer, and the performance is better.
To save quality control costs, some battery manufacturers will reduce quality control posts or reduce or even eliminate testing. However, Huayite deep cycle lead-acid batteries strictly follow the requirements of the quality management system and set up a quality control system. Every process of the product production process will be carried out. Full inspection to ensure the quality of the battery

How to judge the quality of sealed lead battery

Capacity fading

The capacity of a Sealed lead battery. is an important indicator of its performance. By regularly measuring the battery’s capacity, the battery’s degradation can be judged. If the capacity fading speed is significantly accelerated, it indicates that the Sealed lead battery. life is approaching and a new battery needs to be replaced.


Observing the appearance of the battery can also initially determine the quality of the battery. If the Sealed lead battery shell has obvious swelling, leakage, rupture, etc., it indicates that there may be an abnormality inside the battery and the battery needs to be replaced with a new one.

Self-discharge rate

The sealed lead battery will automatically discharge when not used for a long time. The higher the self-discharge rate, the worse the quality of the battery. The self-discharge rate can be judged by measuring the battery’s open circuit voltage. High-quality batteries usually have a lower self-discharge rate over some time.

Charging efficiency

The charging efficiency of a Sealed lead battery. refers to the energy loss of the battery during the charging process. If the charging efficiency is low, it means that the Sealed lead battery. is prone to heat and takes a long time to charge, and you need to pay attention to the quality of the battery.

Changes in internal resistance

The internal resistance of the battery reflects the changes in the internal materials of the battery. Too high internal resistance will cause the battery’s discharge capacity to decrease. The internal resistance can be calculated by measuring the battery’s open circuit voltage and load voltage. Excessive internal resistance may be a sign of battery aging.
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