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HT Off Grid MPPT Solar Charge Controller
HT Off Grid MPPT Solar Charge Controller
Product features: ●It can be used in 12v/24v/48v/96/ charge control system ● Safe and reliable...
mppt 50a charge controller

The charging program of the lead-acid battery and lithium battery series is optional. The solar MPPT controller has an automatic protection function against overcharge, overcharge, and short circuits. The RS485 communication interface has a communication distance of 1km. It communicates with the upper computer to view the operating parameters of the solar MPPT controller. This controller is used in the solar off-grid system (independent system), Automatic regulation of charge and discharge control has a progressive tracking algorithm to obtain the maximum power of solar cell modules and charge the battery; At the same time, Its low voltage is disconnected (damage caused by excessive discharge of LVD pool. The battery charging process of the solar MPPT controller is optimized to prolong battery life and improve system performance. Its comprehensive self-test and electronic protection functions can avoid controller damage caused by installation errors and system failure.

Thank you for choosing our HET solar MPPT controller. The MPPT controller produced by our company is a product developed according to the latest technology and represents the development level of the latest photovoltaic technology. This product has excellent performance, excellent heat dissipation design, intelligently controlled cooling fan, and innovative maximum power point tracking technology, which can significantly improve the energy utilization of the solar system, and the conversion efficiency is as high as 97% The open-ended LAN can track the maximum power point.

mppt 60a charge controller

MPPT controller features

solar MPPT controller

HET MPPT 60a charge controller the max solar input power: 12v with 900w, 24v with 1700w, 48v with 3400w, and 96v system is up to 7200w. For the most 50a charge controller the solar input power is below: 12v with 700w, 24v with 1400w,48v with 2800w, and 96v systems with 5600w. The DC Input voltage range is 18V-150V. Automatically identify battery voltage system

Characteristics of maximum power point tracking technology When the solar MPPT controller’s maximum power point of the column changes with environmental conditions, the solar MPPT controller automatically tracks the maximum power point of the array to ensure Maximum energy throughout the day is obtained from the solar array.

In most cases, the maximum power point-tracking technology will assume that a system may have 10 amps of current flowing from the charging current array of the “solar power generation system”, and 12 amps of current flowing from the solar MPPT controller. The energy input to the MPPT controller is similar to its output energy.

Efficient Power Management in Solar Systems with MPPT Controllers

The power is voltage and current (volts x amps)

(1) Input energy of MPPT controller = output energy of MPPT controller
(2) Input voltage Input current = output voltage x output current *Assuming an efficiency of 100%, the power loss in the conductor and conversion process is ignored.
Suppose the maximum power point voltage VMP of the solar array is greater than the battery voltage. In that case, the battery current must be proportionally greater than the output current of the solar array, so that the input and output power can be leveled. It is essential in the system because the maximum power point voltage VMP of the solar panel in the solar power system is usually higher than the battery voltage.

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